Do you buy or supply building materials?

Growing recognition and concern around the increasing use of non-conforming and non-compliant building materials – especially following recent notable disasters – has resulted in some insurers moving to exclude claims involving such products.

Images of the 24-storey Grenfell Tower apartment block in London ablaze made news headlines around the world and claimed almost 100 lives.

It’s been alleged in the aftermath that the building’s cladding didn’t meet subsequent safety tests and in fact fuelled the fire.

Closer to home, the new Perth Children’s Hospital has been stalled for almost two years following the discovery of asbestos in roof sheeting and then lead contamination in the drinking water, possibly from tap fittings used in the hospital.

There are many more examples.

As the flood of non-conforming and non-compliant building materials onto the market in Australia and overseas continues, the onus is on building professionals like architects, project managers and building surveyors entrusted with producing safe and sustainable projects to be well informed about a product’s background and intended applications.

If you work in the building industry, and are concerned about how these changes could impact the resilience of your insurance cover, phone us at MGIB.