Escaping Western Australia’s winter

Did you know that four in 10 people have travelled outside Australia in the past 12 months? And the top destinations were:

  • New Zealand
  • Indonesia
  • USA
  • UK
  • Thailand

The majority of us (74%) were heading off on a holiday, while 18% of us were going to visit family/friends.  The rest were travelling for business.

How lucky are we to live in a country where 92% of us can afford to go on a holiday and visit family?

What’s not so fortunate is what can happen to us if we decide to travel overseas WITHOUT travel insurance.  As many as 15% of 18 to 24-year-olds travelled without insurance on their last overseas trip!

Travel insurance will generally cover:

  • Medical expenses (personal injury or illness)
  • Loss of luggage or personal items
  • Disruptions to travel (Cancelled flights)
  • Baggage, personal effects, money
  • Excess on a hire car
  • Emergency trip to the dentist

The Travel insurance that you can purchase through our website has just had a revamp, where the maximum age for obtaining cover has been increased from 69 years to 89 and the list of automatically included pre-existing medical conditions has been updated from 14 to 52.

The cost of the premium compared to the cost of what you could be lumbered with in the event of a disaster is minimal.  To purchase a policy for a family of four flying to Indonesia for 10 nights is $150 (Prestige policy) – that’s all!

So if you are thinking about escaping somewhere warm this winter – get covered with our travel policy (through Chubb Insurance).

You can purchase and pay online, but if you get stuck, just give us a call and we will help you through it.