The best online insurance we’ve found

Think you don’t have the time? Think again

So we’ve talked about the level of caution you should exercise when considering a do-it-yourself type insurance policy.

But in our opinion, when it comes to Life Insurance, some cover is ALWAYS better than no cover.

If that’s you, our Online Life Insurance product provided by Zurich could be for you.

You can get a quote in minutes, it provides a basic form of cover and it’s very affordable.

These days, most people understand the importance of life insurance. Particularly families who take the time to consider what impact serious injury, illness or even death of a parent could have on their children.

Unfortunately that understanding doesn’t always translate to actually putting the right safety nets in place.

Mostly because we’re too busy, think we can’t afford it, or we adopt a ‘she’ll be right mate’, kind of attitude.

Zurich’s ezicover insurance is available via a very easy to use website. You can organise you own cover in minutes.

And other reasons we like it for our DIY clients are:

  • there’s a 30 day cooling off period
  • It offers cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide
  • It provides a lump sum benefit.

But if you are really not sure what you need or have questions about policy detail, we recommend seeing one of our experienced advisors. Phone MGIB now on 9722 3700.