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Move your home, car policies to MGIB before EOFY and save!

Many clients are used to dealing with us for all their business, travel and personal insurance needs.

But perhaps some don’t realise we can also help with domestic insurances – home, car, that kind of cover.

Not only can we help with it, we have a staff member dedicated to ensuring you receive the best cover for the best possible price.

Toni Brooking is our Relationship Manager and her entire role involves reviewing and comparing domestic insurance policies, updating client policies and lodging claims.

We’re so confident in Toni’s ability to help, MGIB offers:

  • Free insurance reviews at no obligation to purchase
  • Free policy comparisons at no obligation to purchase
  • No broker fee for first 12 months when you take up a new domestic policy with us during the months of April, May and June.

Phone Toni today and feel like you are talking to a REAL person.

She’s been with us for four years after moving to Eaton with her husband and two children from New Zealand.

Originally from Cairns, Toni lived and worked in New Zealand, spending five years there working in the insurance broking industry.

Toni said she loves the team atmosphere at MGIB and the supportive, community spirit of living in a small town.

If you would like Toni to review your domestic insurance policies, give her a call at MGIB today.

Privacy laws have changed. Will you need to comply?

Australian privacy laws were changed in early 2018, introducing new requirements for businesses and organisations of a certain size in the event that security of their customer data is compromised.

Data breaches occur when personal customer information falls into the wrong hands and can occur in a myriad of ways from cyber attack (scroll down for details on upcoming seminar on cyber security) to a staff member not securing their laptop properly or shutting down their computer.

Under the newly amended Privacy Act 1988, Australian Government agencies, businesses and not-for-profit organisations with an annual turnover of $3 million or more – among others – now need to comply with a mandatory data breach notification scheme.

The new law states data breaches involving personal information likely to cause serious harm must be disclosed in writing to the affected parties AND the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

Things you should do in response to the change:

  • Don’t panic! Data breaches are just like any other risk for your organisation. They can be managed effectively with the right processes and procedures.
  • Visit this page of the Office of the Australian Privacy Commission website for clear, helpful advice and guidelines.
  • Make sure all contracts state that your organisation abides by the requirements of the Privacy Act.
  • Review your procedures for reporting data breaches.
  • Have you run any cyber/incident data breach drills?
  • Does your organisation have an incident response team?

The risk of online data breach via cyber crime is a growing and very real threat to Australian businesses of any size.

It’s crucial business owners understand and manage the risk. To assist with that, MGIB is sponsoring a Lunch & Learn Seminar on April 10 run by the Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Questions addressed by three guest speakers during the two-hour seminar include:

  • Would you know if you had an online data breach?
  • Do you know your legal obligations if you suffer a data breach?
  • How do you know if your business is Cyber secure?

Book your ticket online:

In addition, be assured that traditional insurance programs and risk management practices are constantly evolving to keep pace with these modern and emerging risks to your business.

Phone MGIB today to discuss.

US scandal shines light on workplace harassment

It’s impossible to sweep under the carpet. In fact, with the traction gained by the #MeToo movement, the regularity of sexual harassment and bullying STILL occurring in the workplace is actually shocking.

Just how wide-spread the problem is, became very apparent following a chain of events from October last year triggered by multiple women alleging sexual harassment by American Film Producer Harvey Weinstein across several decades.

He was ousted from several high-powered industry positions as a result of the scandal and afterwards, many other similarly-powerful men were also accused and subsequently suffered the same demise.

Women from all over the world began sharing their similar experiences on social media under the hashtag #MeToo and the phenomenon has become known as the Weinstein effect.

As a result, one Australian law firm reported receiving 645 calls to its national call centre in October, 2017, compared to 341 the month prior – almost double!

It’s a startling statistic and a rather sickening demonstration of the need for significant behavioural change in the workplace.

In addition, business owners must recognise the very real threat of complaint about sexual harassment or bullying in their workplace.

It might be no fault of your own, (maybe other staff members are involved but) as the business owner, you personally AND your business could be seriously financially impacted by such a complaint.

It all sounds pretty scary but the truth is, to operate a business effectively, managers need the confidence and peace of mind of knowing they are personally protected and their business is adequately covered from a wide range of potential liabilities.

Management Liability is a product designed for private companies and covers them for wrongful acts (not criminal or intentional acts) that may occur while managing/running their businesses.

Management Liability insurance protects the business and its assets against large financial losses and even the directors and officers own personal assets depending on the claim or circumstance.

If you would like to know more, phone MGIB today.

Winter is coming. Are you ready?

No doubt about it. Life gets busy and basic home maintenance is an easy one to postpone.

BUT with winter weather on its way, you could be risking a financial disaster in the event you try to make a claim on damage to your home from a storm that could have been prevented with proper maintenance.

Under those circumstances, you just might not be covered.

Say your roof develops a leak during heavy rainfall and causes widespread damage requiring extensive repairs.

If the rain actually only managed to get into the roof due to that pesky cracked roof tile you just hadn’t got around to fixing, or because your gutters hadn’t been cleaned out in five years then guess what?

Your insurer may not pay up.

So with that in mind, set aside some time to attend to the following BEFORE winter sets in…

  • Make sure you check the roof for any cracks, leaks and damage.
  • Clear your gutters regularly to prevent water backing up and damaging your eaves. Check that your gutters and drainpipes are attached properly and water is draining away from your house or garage.
  • Inspect the walls and timber throughout your home for signs of water damage, decay or dry rot.
  • Check your shower. If there is movement between the shower wall and floor, you could have a leak.
  • Check your ceilings and cornices for signs of moult or blistering paint. This could indicate a leak in your roof.
  • Ensure your fences are maintained and repair them if they are starting to shift or fall.
  • Keep an eye on any trees growing next to fences, the foundations of your home and power lines.
  • Where possible, try not to let bushes or shrubs build up too close to the external walls of the house.
  • Check to see if your power points, light switches and smoke detectors are working properly.
  • Check your garage, shed or any other buildings on your property.

MGIB Race Day

The MGIB Plate was held again at the Bunbury Turf Club on February 28, with beautiful weather and a firm track. It was a great day for racing with more than ever before of our valued clients, supporters and friends turning up to enjoy the day.