Do you REALLY need a broker?

People who get help from an insurance broker are much more likely to be satisfied in the event of a claim than those who decide to go it alone, according to annual dispute figures from the insurance industry’s referee.

Of 39, 479 disputes between customers and their financial services provider that ended up with the Financial Ombudsman during the 2016/17 financial year, less than 1.5 per cent (or 216) of them involved a general insurance broker.

So in answer to the question…do you REALLY need a broker?

Well, only if you intend on making a claim! And how would you know the likelihood of that happening when you first take out your policy?

Based on the above figures of claims that end in dispute, is it worth the risk?

It’s true, we do live in a world of 1800 numbers, online applications, email, messaging and constant pursuit of ‘quick’ and ‘convenient’.

But some things, like your future, are just too important not to pay the appropriate amount of attention, so you really understand what you’re buying.

The very best way to achieve that, since the beginning of time, is to speak with someone in person. And better still, someone who knows your history.

Admittedly, it’s not easy these days to find a company willing to invest in its customers with personal, face-to-face service.

That is what makes MGIB different. Real people, with real experience and real answers.

On top of that we also have real solutions. That’s because unlike other insurance companies who will offer you one-size-fits-all ‘vanilla-flavoured’ option, MGIB has a range of flavours to choose from so we can find you one that will suit your individual preferences or circumstances perfectly.