Workers Compensation – just the beginning…

You might recall we have provided a series of articles designed to reduce confusion around compulsory Workers Compensation Insurance. We’ve covered the basics but here’s another aspect you might not have previously considered…

Workers Compensation is a form of protection that compensates employees if they become injured at work or become sick as a result of tasks carried out at their work.  As mentioned, this cover is compulsory.

Under WorkSafe laws, there are a range of additional obligations you must meet regarding workers compensation and injury management. These obligations are designed to reduce the financial impact of a work-related injury or illness on your business, as well as the operational impact of managing an injured worker’s rehabilitation and return to work.

WorkCover WA’s Compliance Officers regularly visit workplaces across the State to ensure each has a current workers compensation policy and an injury management system in place. They may also check for evidence of return to work programs should you have past or present claims.

WorkCover have a focus on occupation health and safety compliance and there can be hefty penalties for non-compliance. Business owners must be aware and keep updated with the current occupational health and safety and WorkSafe laws as they are dynamic and ever-changing.

It is actually possible for an employer with the best of intentions for his workers to unknowingly or accidentally breach the laws and this can also occur in relation to changing environmental and employment practice laws as well.

Starting to sound like a minefield? It absolutely can be!

For this reason, a product has been developed called Statutory Liability Cover which offers protection from fines, penalties and legal fees that can result from an accidental breach of law.

For examples of claims on a statutory liability insurance policy, read this brochure from Tudor Insurance.