Researchers sound fire siren…Why you shouldn’t ignore it!

WA emergency services are bracing for an above average risk of bushfires this summer which should sound a loud warning for property owners to ensure their maintenance schedules and insurance policies are up-to-date.  Are yours?…

High rainfall in early spring combined with months of above average temperatures have lead to a build-up of dry fuel in grasslands and forests.

In response the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre has released a worrying outlook for most of Australia.

In WA, the South West region, Mid West and desert regions have been identified by the BCRC as having above average fire potential while a normal fire season is expected for the Wheatbelt, and the Nullarbor, east of Fraser Range.

Already New South Wales has felt the brunt of the unusual conditions with bushfires blazing for days in late October and destroying several hundred properties.

Insurance Council of Australia CEO Rob Whelan said it was important for people to understand that every effort, no matter how small, could help save lives and secure property.

Certainly here at MGIB, most disaster claims we see could have been prevented or at least reduced if more attention was paid to property maintenance.

Steps you can take to prepare for this bushfire season are:

  • Move woodpiles or flammable materials away from your property
  • Cut back grass, shrubs, trees from around your property and clear dry leaves from gutters
  • Contact your local fire authority for guidance on the particular risk in your area and for advice on protecting your home
  • Review your home and contents policy. Is it up to date? What does your policy cover and what does it exclude?
  • Review your sum insured – does it match the value of your home and contents?
  • Check vehicles are insured. Remember compulsory third party insurance does not cover damage or destruction caused by fire.