Threat of bushfire continues to rise

WA emergency services are again bracing for a busy time of year across the State as the summer risk of bushfire and cyclone increases.

And we need to do our part in helping reduce losses by ensuring maintenance schedules are up-to-date, along with insurance policies.

Here at MGIB, most disaster claims we see could have been prevented or at least reduced if more attention was paid to property maintenance.

According to experts, we are under threat of bushfire seasons now that start earlier and last longer.

Historical averages, said the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Community Research Centre (CRC), are being regularly overtaken and becoming less meaningful.

In its outlook for the coming bushfire season, CRC said: “Fire severity across southern Australia has been consistently worse than the long term averages would suggest.”

“This is partly driven by an increase in temperatures as well as an increased dryness of soils and vegetation.”

Insurance Council of Australia Policy, Risk and Disaster Planning General Manager Karl Sullivan said more stringent building standards for buildings in bushfire prone areas would over time, lead to greater resilience and smaller losses.

In the meantime, community awareness around bushfires was a welcome focus.

For MGIB clients operating in north west WA, the Bureau of Meteorology is recommending residents take every effort to prepare for bad weather despite El Nino conditions decreasing the risk of cyclones and flooding this summer.

For more information about preparing your property for the threat of natural disaster, visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website.

Or you can visit and download a new Triple (000) smartphone app for help during emergencies.