Steps to a faster and easier claims process

At MGIB, the products and services we offer provide peace of mind that not only will you be compensated in the unfortunate event you need to make a claim, but the process in settling your claim will also be as stress-free as possible.

To make that happen, we have Rose.

Rose has been our Claims Manager here at MGIB for the past five years.

Her work is often very well received by our clients and Rose is often thanked for her efforts with kind gestures like delivered flowers.

Settling a claim, depending on the complexity of the situation, can involve suppliers, underwriters, repairers and a raft of other people.

Rose streamlines the process for our clients by providing them with one point of contact – us!

She acts as a liaison between all parties.

But even with Rose on your side, there are some things you can do yourself to help speed up settlement of a claim.

  • Take photos of your possessions, particularly more valuable items such as jewellery. This helps with proof of ownership. Keeping receipts is a good habit too.
  • Let us know immediately of any damage or loss. Don’t wait too long, the sooner you get the ball rolling the better.