Teen takes a stand for cancer research

In an age where the self image of young people, especially girls, can be so easily impacted by what they see on social media, it’s uplifting to come across a brave teenager able to put that aside for a cause close to her heart.

The day before her 15th birthday, Sophie McNaughton (daughter of our broker Craig McNaughton) shaved her head to raise money for Cancer research.

She also donated her hair to be used for making wigs for people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

When she set up her online fundraising page, Sophie hoped to raise $500. But in the first 10 hours of launch she had raised over $2,000.

By the end of her campaign, Sophie was able to donate $3,601.70.

Sophie said she was inspired to make a contribution by her Grandpa who died from bowel cancer before she was able to meet him.

“The thought of my hair going to someone to boost their confidence and make them feel less insecure about their appearance makes me feel satisfied for the purpose of doing it,” she said.

“This whole experience made me think of how lucky we all actually are to have such healthy, loving and supportive families and friends.”

And as for her new haircut? Sophie said she was initially a bit worried but how it would look but she’s fine with it now and thinks it’s a lot easier to maintain.