US scandal shines light on workplace harassment

It’s impossible to sweep under the carpet. In fact, with the traction gained by the #MeToo movement, the regularity of sexual harassment and bullying STILL occurring in the workplace is actually shocking.

Just how wide-spread the problem is, became very apparent following a chain of events from October last year triggered by multiple women alleging sexual harassment by American Film Producer Harvey Weinstein across several decades.

He was ousted from several high-powered industry positions as a result of the scandal and afterwards, many other similarly-powerful men were also accused and subsequently suffered the same demise.

Women from all over the world began sharing their similar experiences on social media under the hashtag #MeToo and the phenomenon has become known as the Weinstein effect.

As a result, one Australian law firm reported receiving 645 calls to its national call centre in October, 2017, compared to 341 the month prior – almost double!

It’s a startling statistic and a rather sickening demonstration of the need for significant behavioural change in the workplace.

In addition, business owners must recognise the very real threat of complaint about sexual harassment or bullying in their workplace.

It might be no fault of your own, (maybe other staff members are involved but) as the business owner, you personally AND your business could be seriously financially impacted by such a complaint.

It all sounds pretty scary but the truth is, to operate a business effectively, managers need the confidence and peace of mind of knowing they are personally protected and their business is adequately covered from a wide range of potential liabilities.

Management Liability is a product designed for private companies and covers them for wrongful acts (not criminal or intentional acts) that may occur while managing/running their businesses.

Management Liability insurance protects the business and its assets against large financial losses and even the directors and officers own personal assets depending on the claim or circumstance.

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