Winter is coming. Are you ready?

No doubt about it. Life gets busy and basic home maintenance is an easy one to postpone.

BUT with winter weather on its way, you could be risking a financial disaster in the event you try to make a claim on damage to your home from a storm that could have been prevented with proper maintenance.

Under those circumstances, you just might not be covered.

Say your roof develops a leak during heavy rainfall and causes widespread damage requiring extensive repairs.

If the rain actually only managed to get into the roof due to that pesky cracked roof tile you just hadn’t got around to fixing, or because your gutters hadn’t been cleaned out in five years then guess what?

Your insurer may not pay up.

So with that in mind, set aside some time to attend to the following BEFORE winter sets in…

  • Make sure you check the roof for any cracks, leaks and damage.
  • Clear your gutters regularly to prevent water backing up and damaging your eaves. Check that your gutters and drainpipes are attached properly and water is draining away from your house or garage.
  • Inspect the walls and timber throughout your home for signs of water damage, decay or dry rot.
  • Check your shower. If there is movement between the shower wall and floor, you could have a leak.
  • Check your ceilings and cornices for signs of moult or blistering paint. This could indicate a leak in your roof.
  • Ensure your fences are maintained and repair them if they are starting to shift or fall.
  • Keep an eye on any trees growing next to fences, the foundations of your home and power lines.
  • Where possible, try not to let bushes or shrubs build up too close to the external walls of the house.
  • Check to see if your power points, light switches and smoke detectors are working properly.
  • Check your garage, shed or any other buildings on your property.