Workcover WA visiting SW businesses

Workcover WA officers were in Bunbury recently conducting compliance interviews with local businesses as part of their role in promoting and protecting employee welfare.

During their visits, Workcover will ensure businesses have a current workers’ compensation policy and an injury management system in place.

They may also check for evidence of return to work programs should you have past or present claims.

If you don’t have Workers’ Compensation insurance, your business will be liable for the cost of the benefits paid if one of your workers has a work related injury or industrial disease.

Costs could include:

  • In excess of $600,000 in benefits if a worker is injured
  • Legal costs involved in court action
  • Liability for the cost of any action taken at common law
  • Fines of up to $5,000 per worker
  • An amount equal to any avoided premiums going back five years
  • Separate and further offences for every week you remain uninsured after the date of conviction

WorkCover will be visiting the South West area again before the end of the year and have advised they are aiming to visit Albany, Margaret River and Busselton.

If you have any questions about Workers’ Compensation Insurance, please contact MGIB.